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Not dead yet…

Dec 1st 2018

Hector was built to be a tool for freelancers by a freelancer. Well, sometimes freelancers get busy, and that is exactly what happened to me.

Hector is a free tool managed by just me. When I have so much paying work on my plate it is hard to justify the time to work on Hector even though I really really wanted to. Each week or so I get an email asking if Hector is still in development and I always give the same answer.

Hector isn’t dead, but I’m not giving it much attention outside of making sure nothing breaks.

That is about to change…slightly. The incentive is in place for me to justify some time making some adjustments/additions to Hector. This isn’t a post about how you can expect massive changes or features, it is a post to continue to say the same thing. Hector is not dead. I wish I had the time to dedicate to it, but the reality is Hector makes $0. In fact it cost me about $67/month just keep it up and running.

BUT – with all that said Hector is always on my mind and I have a lot of hopes for it. Some updates are coming shortly, and there is potential that more time gets poured into it. No promises, just potential.

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