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Collaborators on todos, assign users, and comments

Dec 3rd 2018

The last truly new piece of functionality that had come to Hector was on June 7, 2016. So it’s been a little bit. Today that changes, as three new bits of functionality have been added to make Hector more useful.

If you had been wondering what was happening with Hector and if it was still being worked on, I wrote a quick post the other day you can find here.

OK, on to the new stuff!

Todos now have collaborators and comments

Todos have always been just for you. A running task list of the small one off things that aren’t quite a project. Now you can add collaborators to todos just like you do with projects. For all those one off tasks that you may need help with, or work with someone else on, can now be shared to everyone involved.

And since we are bringing more people into todos you clearly are going to need a way to have a conversation about the task so comments have been added to todos as well. Nothing world changing here, but helpful non the less.

Assigning projects and tasks

A brand new concept has been added to Hector with the ability to assign a project or task to any collaborator. It has been great to be able to work with other freelancers through collaborators, but even for myself it has been difficult sometimes to know what is on my plate and what is on the other persons plate.

Assigning a project or todo to a collaborator is very easy. Hover over the collaborator’s avatar you want to assign the work to and then click assign. They will be notified by email and there will also be a designation of who is assigned to the work on all screens.


More to come…

I don’t want to promise the world or anything, but I will say this – Hector is getting attention. That means a number of things, but ultimately what it means for you is two things. Hector will be getting a nice layer of polish added to it, and you will be able to do more with it. Vague I know, but I want to make sure we deliver before getting into too many details.

Thanks for using Hector!

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