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What makes Hector Awesome


Hector was built to work the way that freelancers work, and whether you work alone with others Hector is the perfect project management option for freelancers. We make sure each feature actually makes sense and never lose sight of who we are building this for. Freelancers building things for other freelancers is a beautiful thing.

Below are some of the key features that make Hector awesome.

Everything on your Dashboard

See all of your upcoming and active projects, as well as your todos, on one easy page. The dashboard gives you a glance over your entire workload regardless of who you are working with.

Hector Feature Screenshot
Hector Feature Screenshot


How many times have the little things clients email you or call you about fall through the cracks? Todos in Hector let you quickly enter in these one off tasks and everything you need to get them done so nothing is forgotten.

Structured Projects

With projects in Hector you can easily keep track of milestones, assets, and communicate with everyone that is collaborating. All the tools you need to rock your projects.

Hector Feature Screenshot
Hector Feature Screenshot

Work faster with Hector

Stop worrying about switching teams, or having to dig into the right screen just to see what you need. From anywhere in Hector you can get to exactly where you need to go, or create a new project or todo, with a single click. Less clicks is always a good thing!

More to Hector

Hector obviously does more than the features laid out here and is getting little improvements all the time. We are committed to make Hector the perfect tool for freelancers and we encourage our users to let us know what features would make their lives easier.

Hector Feature Screenshot

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