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Early 2021 Update

Feb 18th2021

I’m excited to say that 2021 has started with some new functionality and improvements to take a step forward in making Hector the best project management app for freelancers. Here is a breakdown of what…

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Collaborators on todos, assign users, and comments

Dec 3rd2018

The last truly new piece of functionality that had come to Hector was on June 7, 2016. So it’s been a little bit. Today that changes, as three new bits of functionality have been added…

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Not dead yet…

Dec 1st2018

Hector was built to be a tool for freelancers by a freelancer. Well, sometimes freelancers get busy, and that is exactly what happened to me. Hector is a free tool managed by just me. When…

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Due dates on project tasks

Jun 8th2016

Project tasks are one of the most used features in Hector. It makes sense, each project you have usually consists of a few smaller milestones and keeping track of them in Hector is pretty easy.…

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Personal projects

Jun 6th2016

Hector has always been meant to be a way for freelancers to see all of their work in one place. I think for a lot of freelancers, myself included, this also means their own side…

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June 2016 roadmap

Jun 4th2016

May was a refocusing of me working on Hector and becoming more consistent with the amount of attention it gets. I set out some goals for what I wanted to accomplish and was able to…

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Email notifications…finally

May 30th2016

Probably the biggest thing that has been lacking from Hector has been notifications. If you use Hector and collaborate on projects with others you were never aware anytime anything happened on that project. Needless to…

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A proper front facing website

May 25th2016

Wow, I can’t believe it took this long, but Hector finally has a website it can be proud of. When I first built Hector I did it within 30 days and a proper website for…

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How to use Hector on your iPhone

Jan 16th2016

Hector was built from the get go so that it would work on phones and tablets so you can easily use it when you are not in front of your computer. I put together a…

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A community for freelancers

Dec 27th2015

One of my main goals in building Hector is to offer something that is actually worth a damn to freelancers. In my eyes freelancers are marketed to like it’s hot and a lot of tools…

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