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Early 2021 Update

Feb 18th 2021

I’m excited to say that 2021 has started with some new functionality and improvements to take a step forward in making Hector the best project management app for freelancers. Here is a breakdown of what has changed.


The dashboard now shows you only projects and tasks that you are the only collaborator on, or the ones you are currently assigned to.

The purpose of Hector has always been to see everything on your plate regardless of who you are working with. Well, as you work with more people the dashboard turned into a place that might have contained a lot of projects and tasks that may or may not have been on your plate specifically. Now the dashboard is truly a place that shows you everything that is on your plate in one place.

Completed projects and todos have also been removed from the dashboard. This gives a nice performance boost when navigating to the dashboard. You can still view your completed projects via the link in the sidebar navigation, and on your todos screen you can still toggle your completed todos at the bottom of your list.


Comments have always shown the time they were posted in relative terms. That’s cool when comments are seen and responded to quickly, but after a day or so seeing a timestamp of 3 weeks ago becomes far less helpful.

Now comments show the full date and time of when they were posted, and the time is specific to your local time zone. This makes comments much more useful when needing to reference back on something that happened last month or even last year.


You can now delete individual files that are associated with a project or todo. No more weird naming schemes when uploading different versions of a file 🙂


They look better and fade after 5 seconds. Pretty straight forward!

Server Updates

Hector is almost 6 years old and it was time to handle some server maintenance to make sure updates and fixes could continue to be deployed. I finally stopped delaying the inevitable and updated both server and application configurations to keep things running smoothly.

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