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Jun 6th 2016


Hector has always been meant to be a way for freelancers to see all of their work in one place. I think for a lot of freelancers, myself included, this also means their own side projects as well.  It doesn’t make sense to use another project management app just for your personal projects.

The potential problem in adding your personal projects to Hector was that they were lumped in with your client work. It may not have been a problem for everyone, but it bugged the crap out of me so I have released personal projects.

Personal project work exactly like other projects, but are really just a new status. Similar to active, upcoming and completed. What is different is the way that personal projects are separated on the dashboard. Personal projects are marked as red and are listed under your active and upcoming client projects.

That’s the whole idea. Keep track of all of your work, but keep your personal projects separated from your client work.

I am obviously using personal projects for Hector and some other things I have going on, but I hope you enjoy the new status in your projects.

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